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Jeff Greenaway is no stranger to pigeon racing and has been actively involved in some form since he was a kid racing in partnership with his father, Billy. Jeff is himself, a top pigeon fancier and has been crowned no less than nine times Section D fancier of the year.


He has found a niche in the pigeon market, which he has, to be fair taken full advantage of, and that is supplying pigeon organizations and fanciers with a full range of aluminium pigeon products under the name of Universal Pigeon Products.


These include pigeon transporters from 1000 birds to 6000 birds, crates for the transporters, drinkers, feeders, traps, aviaries, breeding pens with many top approvals and recommendations coming forward from some of the top Studs and Fanciers in Ireland, England and the Continent. Following successful displays at a few of the pigeon shows, the orders continue to flow in.


jeff mainOn top of this Jeff and his staff successfully completed a total build of two transporters to the highest standards including living accommodation and 800 aluminium crates for the largest Federation in Southern Ireland the Irish South Road Federation and also the South Leinster Federation Transporter . In 2010 they made a new transporter for the Cork federation.


In 2011 and 2012 the company upgraded the complete NIPA fleet of lorries which are capable of carrying 30,000 + pigeons with a new aluminium watering system,and in 2015 they supplied the B.I.C.C with their most up to date transporter including 250 aluminium crates.


This is the way forward, especially in regards to sanitation and disease control. Basically, everything for the fancier that was available in wood or plastic can now be made in aluminium which allows for safe, clean, life long durability.


Being a fancier himself, he can understand what the modern day racing loft needs to be successful and therefore any requirements can be designed and manufactured to an individual specification.



Jeff has supplied some of the top racing lofts in the UK and Ireland including those of :

bulletWall, Lunt and Green, bulletGeoff Kirkland, bulletCrowley and Green, bulletDonnelly Brothers, bulletDanny Dickson,
bulletCrehan and O’Connor , bulletGeoff & Catherine Cooper, bulletMark Gilbert, bulletNick Adshead, bulletTim Atkin,
bulletAlan Darragh , bulletP & J Boal and bulletWayne Doonan
to name but a few.