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The alucrate is a safe, hygenic and economical way of transporting your pigeons.  Designed by the pigeon fancier the benefits and features of the alucrate are:


Long Life Durability

Alucrate is very lightweight and its alloy construction means it is much stronger than any product of its type. Alucrate can be repeatedly reused which means that its long life is superior than any other.


Alucrate is low maintenance. It can be easily cleaned, disinfected and dried within minutes. The result is less dirt and bacteria which means birds are less at risk from disease during transportation.

Daylight Panel Release Door

Clear perspex shatterproof panels allow daylight to access alucrate during carriage. This is not only a more humane form of transportation but it has the added advantage that pigeons are fully orientated for release.

Excellent Ventilation

Sidewall ventilation allows air to flow without drafts. This unique design also acts as a support wall giving extra strength. Alucrate is designed to ensure that cock birds cannot see hens when stacked for transportation.

Lightweight & Extra Strong

Alucrate is constructed from extra strong lightweight alloys. This means that not only is it extremely tough relative to its weight, but it is totally fireproof and therefore benefits from obvious fire hazard advantages.


Alucrate is very competitively priced and represents great value for money. It is easier to maintain and has a much longer life compared to traditional timber crates.
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The alucrate can be fabricated to suit any size requirements

Smaller personal training crates can also be provided.
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